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Camera Explorer - licens

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AXIS Camera Explorer (ACE) is software that enables live video imaging directly in Windows Explorer. Installing onto a single computer client, it provides a quick and easy method for accessing Axis network cameras and video servers and the images they generate.
Using Windows Explorer as the interface, AXIS Camera Explorer includes simple and effective functions for viewing live movies, snapshots, and video feeds from Axis video resources over the network. Simply 'Add' Axis cameras and video servers to your imaging desktop by defining their respective IP Address in a Wizard. An unlimited number of network cameras and video servers are conveniently displayed as logical objects within the Explorer.
Clicking any camera object in the left hand window of the Explorer displays the respective video stream in the right. AXIS Camera Explorer also allows simple sequence editing and the creation of AVI-files that can then be conveniently distributed as a single file attachment in electronic mail applications.

ProduktbeskrivelseCamera Explorer - licens
KategoriKreativitetsapplikation - webdesign/udgivelse
Licenstype10 brugere
SprogEngelsk, Tysk, Fransk

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