Huawei F616

833 kr - 1.240 kr

Huawei F616 - 3G GSM - fast mobiltelefon

EAN: 6920702791287    Producentens varenr.: 51066037

Voice service - supports the high-quality voice service (FR, HR, EFR or AMR-WB)
SMS - supports sending and receiving text short messages
Data service - supports the WCDMA/GPRS packet switched (PS) domain data service
Plug and Play - installing the driver and the modem automatically
Headset interface - one 3.5 mm earphone interface
Internal antenna - supports internal antenna
Multiple supplementary services - supports multiple supplementary services
Elegant design - the fixed wireless terminal (hereinafter referred to as the FWT) is an ideal wireless terminal for the household and corporation use

ProduktbeskrivelseHuawei F616 - 3G GSM - fast mobiltelefon
ProdukttypeFast mobiltelefon
Generation af mobilt bredbånd3G
ServiceudbyderIkke specificeret
Dimensioner (B x D x H)230.6 mm x 183.2 mm x 59.5 mm
Vægt900 g
TeknologiWCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
BåndWCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 900/1800/1900
SkærmLCD-skærm - monokrom - 2.4" - STN
TaletidOp til 240 minutter
Standby-tidOp til 150 timer

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