Remington MB4560 Touch Control - trimmer

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Remington MB4560 Touch Control - trimmer

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For the man who is serious about his gadgets as well as his style, the Remington Touch Control Beard Trimmer combines pioneering technology with precision and power, delivering elite cutting performance with super-stylish design.The touch sensitive digital screen allows you to tailor both the speed and length of trim to your personal specification, whilst the slide switch includes an intelligent lock-in feature so settings cannot be accidentally altered mid-shave. With an impressive settings and highly powered batteries for an increased run-time, this highly advanced grooming gadget fuses functionality with technology, giving you a precise finish every single time.

Produktbeskrivelse:Remington MB4560 Touch Control - trimmer
Produkttype:Trimmer - tr�dl�s
Driftsautonomi:50 min.
Producentgaranti:3 �r

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