Panasonic ER1411 for Professionals - sølv

438 kr

Panasonic ER1411 for Professionals - hårklipper - sølv

EAN: 5025232502394    Producentens varenr.: ER-1411

You can always expect a superior shave with the ER1411. This hair clipper has an extra accurate quick-dial that allows adjustment at a cutting length. The high-precision blades are sharpened to 45° knife edge and a high motor power provides maximized cutting performance.As it is AC/rechargeable with up to 40 minutes of cordless usage, the ER1411 is convenient and easy to handle, while the lightweight design makes it as portable as it is durable. This versatile clipper has six cutting lengths included in only three comb attachments, which means greater portability space-saving.

Produktbeskrivelse:Panasonic ER1411 for Professionals - h�rklipper - s�lv
Produkttype:H�rklipper - tr�dl�s
Driftsautonomi:40 min.
V�gt:150 g
Producentgaranti:2 �r

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