Braun WaterFlex WF2s - sort

798 kr

Braun WaterFlex WF2s - shaver - sort

EAN: -    Producentens varenr.: 095163

The Braun WaterFlex shavers offer amazing skin comfort and an excellent close shave even in problem areas with their contour-adaptive swivel head. They combine highest ergonomic Braun design with non-slip grip with highest quality standards. They are specifically designed for usage under the shower and/or with foam to provide an outstanding and comfortable skin feeling during the shave and to prevent skin irritation.

Produktbeskrivelse:Braun WaterFlex WF2s - shaver - sort
Produkttype:Shaver - tr�dl�s
Brug:T�r, v�d
Driftsautonomi:45 min.

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