Braun TexStyle 5 TS515 - Eloxal enkeltplade

395 kr

Braun TexStyle 5 TS515 - dampstrygejern - Eloxal enkeltplade

EAN: -    Producentens varenr.: TS515

TexStyle 5 irons stand for top-quality, smooth ironing results on all kinds of clothes, right down to the finest details. The unique premium soleplates combined with an efficient steam rate guarantee reliable performance, easily removing all wrinkles from even the most sophisticated garments. Conceived and designed for durability, superb gliding and perfect final results.The Braun TexStyle 5 steam iron gives you 2000 Watt performance. It delivers full steam intensity out of two active areas including preconditionung steam. This powerful steam enables effective "long stroke" ironing. You attain a flawless finish quickly and comfortably.

Produktbeskrivelse:Braun TexStyle 5 TS515 - dampstrygejern - Eloxal enkeltplade
Afskalningshindrende system:Ja
Belastningsevne:2000 W

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