SodaStream Source Metal White

764 kr - 811 kr

inkl 1 stk 60 liters kolsyrepatron, ger upp till 60 liter kolsyrad drycka

EAN: 8718309258436    Producentens varenr.: 1219511771

Sodastream Source
The Source machine is the flagship model in the SodaStream range and was designed by the interior designer Yves Béhar. The machine has an attractive, space-saving design that sits elegantly on any kitchen work top. It also features an LED interface to identify when your water is fully carbonated and an intuitive snap-lock bottle, allowing you to create delicious refreshing sparkling drinks effortlessly.
Like all SodaStream machines, it comes with a 60 litre aluminium gas cylinder, one carbonating bottle and flavour sample pack, so you can make up to 60 litres of your favourite sparkling drinks. The machine is very easy to use and clean, and comes with a 3 year guarantee. There’s a wide variety of drinks available on our webshop, from traditional and diet flavours, to cocktails and mixers. These are also stocked in many stores, please see our store locator for details.

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