Tritton UNIV 720+ Headset, white

949 kr - 1.195 kr

7.1 Surround Headset for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3/4

EAN: 0728658033668    Producentens varenr.: TRI90203B001/02/1

Tritton 720+ 7.1 Surround
Experience the 7.1 surround sound on your Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 like never before with the Tritton 720+®
Headset. Designed specifically for these two consoles, the headset features cutting-edge audio with True 7.1 and Immersive 3D Directional Audio powered by Dolby Digital Technology.
Communicate with your party or raid clearly. The Tritton Pro+ Headset features a professional grade microphone, ensuring everyone can hear your shout of "Heal Me! Heal Me!" in all of its resonant glory. You can even declare m-m-m-monsterkill and easily gain it due to the clear-cut audio this headset will provide you.
Immersion. Isolation. Control
Utilizing proprietary Dolby Headphone technology, TRITTON's 720+ 7.1 Surround Headset replicates the immersive feeling of high-end home theater setups. Envelop yourself in a richly detailed, 3D sound field as your favorite videogames spring to life. Game and chat volume can be adjusted independently and on-the-fly for a gaming experience customized to suit your individual play style.
The only true 5.1 headset for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
Dolby Headphone provides 7.1-channel surround sound to enhance directional awareness and create a detailed, spacious audio landscape which sounds as if it's beyond the limits of the headset. Hearing each and every disturbance within a game's environment gives you the competitive advantage by allowing you to locate your enemies long before they sense your presence.
Immersive 3d directional audio powered by DOLBY DIGITAL technology.
Need to give your hands a break from a stint of marathon gaming? Take a well-earned rest and catch a movie or kick back and listen to your favorite tunes. The equalizer settings on the headset's decoder box help maintain your media's original acoustic properties and allow you to fine-tune your personal audio experience.
Newly designed for extreme comfort.
Headset comfort is of utmost importance during extended gaming sessions. The Pro+ keeps your ears comfy with its padded, adjustable headrail - - which extends an extra 1.25 inches on either side to accommodate a wide range of head sizes - - and soft, pliable earcups which encapsulate your ears in an immersive sound field while keeping ambient sounds at bay. A new, more flexible headrail improves both comfort and durability, and the earcups now swivel to provide a comfortable around-the-neck resting position.


Anbefalet brugPC multimedie, Spilkonsol , digital afspiller
Ekstra egenskaberLydkontrol, Dolby Headphone teknologi, Selectable Voice Monitoring (SVM)


HovedtelefonmodellerFuld størrelse
LydudgangsmodusSurround Sound
Frekvensrespons25 - 22000 Hz
Total harmonisk forvrængning (THD)1.0%
Følsomhed106 dB
Blænder50 mm
Styrkeregulering i ledningJa


Driftsmåde af mikrofonMono


Forbindelsestype2 x SPDIF-indgang


Medfølgende ledningerKabel til hovedsæt - integreret
Udstyr inkluderetUSB-kabel, dekoder, Xbox Live-kommunikationskabel, audioadapter (digital)

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