Mad Catz Xbox 360 Pro Controller Black

742 kr - 9.651 kr

Controller, TouchSense vibration

EAN: 0728658040642    Producentens varenr.: MCB472630M02/04/1

Battle Ready

Designed to adapt to the competitive gamer's individual preferences, Mad Catz’ officially licensed Pro Controller is a high-end gamepad which must be used in order to fully appreciate. From slip-deterring rubberized grips to a robust braided cable, everything about the Pro Controller radiates quality and craftsmanship.

A pro player's controller is their life, the instrument with which they conquer their foes; a useful tool they cannot manage to be without. With their needs in mind during the entire creation process, and through extensive input and thorough play-testing from pro gamers, the community's voice came through loud and clear in the form of a controller which outperforms any other on the market today.

PlatformXbox 360
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Kabellængde3 m

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