Gladiator Sword of Vengeance

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Gladiator Sword of Vengeance

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After the mysterious death of the great and noble Emperor Trajan, the despotic Consular Arruntius ascended to the Imperial throne, heralding in an age of tyranny, perversity and destruction. Under Arruntius' maniacal rule, Rome has been turned into a city rife with vice and decadence. Declaring himself a god, Arruntius has banned the adoration of all other gods in favor of himself. In addition, Rome is to be leveled to make room for a new city to be built on the ruins of the old... Arruntium, named after the madman himself.In celebration of his ascension to the throne and the founding of Arruntium, the new Emperor will stage the bloodiest gladiatorial event ever witnessed. Within the very streets of Rome, gladiators will butcher each other to appease the mobs of Roman citizens rapidly becoming as crazed as their new leader.Yet there is one man who stands against the madness that has engulfed the city. One man willing to stand and fight against the newly emerging evils to restore Rome to its former glory under the rule of the once great and beloved Emperor Trajan. A man who's real name has long since been forgotten. Ripped from the arms of a mother he can no longer remember and sold into slavery, he emerged as the champion gladiator of a good and just Emperor... the Emperor who would have set him free.Known simply as Invictus Thrax, this gladiator fought his way to the top, emerging undefeated and proclaimed the greatest gladiator in the history of the city. Now Thrax must face his inevitable fate. Even he cannot survive the onslaught brought upon him by Arruntius and the demon gods Phobos and Deimos.But even in death there is freedom and with it comes vengeance. Ironically it's through death and his ascension into Elysium, the afterlife for heroes, that Thrax realizes his true purpose.Upon his awakening in Elysium Thrax is greeted by Romulus and Remus, who explain to Thrax that he has been chosen by the gods to become their champion. Thrax also learns that his beloved Emperor Trajan was murdered at the hands Arruntius and Rome is entering a period of darkness and depravity from which it cannot return.Arruntius is being aided by Phobos and Deimos, the gods of fear and terror... the errant children of Mars. Phobos and Deimos have drawn the life force of Rome from its cowering citizens. Intoxicated by its power, they have taken the life force energy deep within their own realms.In order to stop the madness and return Rome to its former glory, Thrax is tasked with recovering Rome's life force by hunting down and destroying the evil gods Phobos and Deimos, along with the crazed ruler himself... Arruntius.

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