Metz 36 AF-1 Olympus/Panasonic

739 kr - 859 kr

EAN: -    Producentens varenr.: 003635296

The Mecablitz 36 AF-5 digital scores points with its simple operation. The vertically tilting swivel reflector also affords creative illumination options and bouncing flash. Another useful function of the compact flash is a manually adjustable zoom reflector. Optimum benefit can be drawn from the illumination angle of the 36 AF-5 digital in every situation by adjusting the reflector specifically to the various focal lengths (28/50/85). The flash-readiness indicator in the view finder also offers helpful additional information. In tricky back light situations, applications such as fill-in flash pose no problem for the Mecablitz 36 AF-5 digital thanks to its GN 36. Furthermore, with integrated AF flash metering, the flash can also function effectively as a valuable focusing tool in difficult lighting conditions.


Antal pakker1
Model36 AF-5 digital
ProduktserieMetz Mecablitz




Ledetal (m/ISO 100)36
Objektivdækning28mm - 85mm
Understøttet eksponeringskontrolFour Thirds TTL, TTL
TypeBlitz hot-shoe-type med klemme

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